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The Love Of The Nightingale

Presented by Progress Youth Theatre - Floodlights & Blinders Groups

Love, War, Violence. Loyalty and Betrayal. Being Silent, Being Silenced. Premonition. Death. Revenge.

These themes are poignantly addressed in Wertenbaker's adaptation of the myth of Tereus, Procne & Philomele, compellingly re-told weaving in traditional aspects of Greek theatre with a modern flavour.

When Tereus, King of Thrace, marries into the Royal Family of Athens, the gods wake up and, as Procne warns, it is never a good thing when the gods wake up and look at you. The beautiful, innocently passionate Philomele is caught up in a tragic chain of events, witnessed (or not?) by a Chorus, who are there "to simply record".

Anna Bolton (age 16) – Procne

"I was thrilled at given the role of Procne as I admire her resilience and poise in the face of adversity."

Max Carter (age 16) - Soldier, Theseus, ‘Sensitive’ Male chorus, Sailor, Athenian Soldier & Bacchae

"This is my 1st ever production at progress and has been fantastic! I love the play and everyone in it. I have loved the rehearsals; they have been a barrel of laughs."

James Little (age 16) - Male chorus, Hippolytus, Athenian Soldier & Captain

"The Love of the Nightingale is a brilliant play and I’m proud to be involved in its performance at Progress."

**Darcey Graham (16) – Helen, Phaedra ** "I have been at Progress for nearly two years, and this is the fifth play I have been in. It’s been a lot of fun rehearsing for Nightingale, and the dark nature of the play brought the cast close to each other from the start. I feel we have dealt with the deep issues the play presents well, and hope we do it justice. "

Not suitable for very young audiences due to scenes of physical and sexual violence.


Cast and Crew

Production Team
  • Director Ali Carroll