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Bold Girls

Set in troubled Belfast when roadblocks, gunfire and shootings were part of everyday life, Bold Girls tells the story of three women whose husbands have been killed or imprisoned for their political activities. Their bonds of friendship and family ties, crucial to their survival, are shattered by the arrival of a mysterious young girl who disrupts their lives, unveiling well-hidden truths.

Rona Munro’s award winning play is about people not politics and is full of heartwarming and humorous moments - a play about friendship, loyalty, laughter, betrayal, hate and love.

Bold Girls explores the lives of four Belfast women revealing the complex relationships and the lies and betrayal that fester beneath. Cassie, Marie and Nora’s lives will never be the same again after the arrival of Deirdre, a teenage girl whose very presence has a devastating effect on the other three women.

This amateur production of “Bold Girls" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.


Cast and Crew

  • Deirdre Libby Boyd
  • Marie Emma Sterry
  • Nora Alison Hill
  • Cassie Lauren Gilbert
Production Team
  • Director Aidan Moran
  • Stage Manager Emma Walsh
  • Assistant Stage Manager Becky Gibbs
  • Production Coordinator Christine Moran
  • Set Design Aidan Moran
  • Set Construction & Painting Liz Carroll
  • Set Construction & Painting Rik Eke
  • Set Construction & Painting Anne Grimer
  • Set Construction & Painting Alex McCubbin
  • Set Construction & Painting Stuart McCubbin
  • Set Construction & Painting Aidan Moran
  • Set Construction & Painting Christine Moran
  • Set Construction & Painting Declan Moran
  • Set Construction & Painting Martin Noble
  • Set Construction & Painting Elizabeth Paulo
  • Set Construction & Painting Richard Saunders
  • Set Construction & Painting Emma Walsh
  • Set Construction & Painting The Cast and Crew
  • Lighting Martin Noble
  • Lighting Elizabeth Paulo
  • Sound Richard Saunders
  • Costumes Christine Moran
  • Costumes The Cast and Crew
  • Props Becky Gibbs
  • Props Emma Walsh
  • Poster and Flyer Design Aidan Moran
  • Marketing and Publicity Christopher Hoult
  • Marketing and Publicity Christine Moran
  • Publicity Photographs Aidan Moran
  • Programme Editor Carole Brown
  • Front of House Rotas Christine Moran
  • Rehearsal Space Coordinator Dorothy Grugeon